Money & Heart eBook and mp3

by Jana Pochop

I grew up always trying to put on the right face Carrying everything I knew inside a guitar case Hymns in choir went to an impossible key change Changing key when they all were lookin at me strange Playing for change at the checkout of a grocery Playing for strange looks on the steps of university Playing for coffee like I wasn't worth any more Blood on the strings showed a devotion to the hardcore Spilling out unformed thoughts every night on open mic Spitting out deformed throbs of a heart when the times right Stomping flip flops on the asphalt in the middle of summer Makin’ fun of assholes who drivin Yukons and Hummers We were all earnest and naive and saviors and it was truthful But every thought in our heads wasn’t made to be useful Thought we desired the life of a beaten down troubadour But martyrs never get to walk through their own open doors When the headphone meets the ear when the artist meets the fear Is there a system to this art Is there money where there's heart? I'm scared you might find me pithy enough to like online A thumbs up cheaper than funneling nickels and dimes Bandcamp iTunes Spotify Rhapsody How much do you value the commerce that comes in the melody Is it scroll through check in minuscule light in your day Or is this a currency on the level of the New York Exchange? The stock might rise it might fall it might flatline My calves might start to burn from the rate of the incline But you better understand that I'm gonna do this Without regard to money or time or cost or success I'm talking yours or mine I'm talking nothing gets undermined I'm going to make this anyway I'm going hate this if I don't find a way I will not be the one that waits for the right hope Passivity will string you up faster than a good rope I want these things to all collide like money and art One we work hard for one we make hard When the headphone meets the ear when the artist meets the fear Is there a system to this art Is there money where there's heart? You gotta understand I'm coming at you with a reverence I don't want to preach or make it sound all malevolent But this is not the time to ask when I'll get a real career Or explain to your kids that I'm just going though a phase here This is the stuff that will save them from their adolescence The groove and the hook that will hit like an obsession Pull them out of the hell that happens day to every single day Tell me does a doctor or lawyer perpetually save?


INCLUDES PDF eBook and mp3 track download!

Jana compiles years of experience as an artist, booking agent, tour manager, venue booker, and social media fiend to share some of her best practices for independent artists of all levels. Topics include web presence, social media strategy, crowd-funding strategy, fan base growth, touring tips, booking strategy, and some personal stories from Jana's 7 years on the road. Over 60 pages of firsthand knowledge to inspire and get things done. PDF File (can be read on any laptop or tablet).


released April 22, 2015

Money & Heart written and performed by Jana Pochop
Recorded live at Austin Acoustical Cafe October 2014
Thanks to Chris Green for the recording!


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Jana Pochop Austin, Texas


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